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Blackhawk® Naturalyte® Insect Control


See how Blackhawk Naturalyte insect control provides fast, effective and consistent control of foliage-feeding insects in a variety of crops.

Closer® SC


See how Closer® SC insecticide provides an excellent combination of speed and residual efficacy on sap-feeding insects across many crop segments.

Cobalt® Advanced


Learn more about Cobalt® Advanced insecticide, a high-performance insect management tool with multiple modes of action that delivers fast knockdown and excellent residual control of a broad spectrum of insects.

Delegate® WG


Read more about Delegate® WG insecticide and the use of an innovative molecule to control a broad spectrum of destructive pests in a variety of tree fruit, citrus, tree nut and vine crops.

DuPont™ Lannate® SP


Learn more about Lannate SP insecticide and how it provides reliable control of key pests in a wide range of fruit, vegetable and field crops.

Entrust® SC Naturalyte® Insect Control


Learn more about Entrust® SC Naturalyte® insect control and how it provides the performance organic growers have come to trust in a liquid formulation.

Intrepid 2F®


Learn how Intrepid 2F® insecticide effectively controls many species of lepidopterous insects, without disrupting beneficial insects, mites and pollinators.

Intrepid Edge®


Learn how Intrepid Edge® insecticide knocks down soybean pests faster than other insecticides, with 70 percent control of soybean looper in 24 hours, and 98 percent control of corn earworm in two to four days.

Lannate® LV


See how Lannate LV insecticide goes to work quickly, stopping more than 140 damaging insect pests almost immediately to protect yield and quality.

Lorsban® Advanced


See how Lorsban® Advanced insecticide uses innovative technology to produce a low-odor water-based formulation that offers superb versatility to control a variety of pests across numerous crops.

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