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Blackhawk® Naturalyte® Insect Control


See how Blackhawk Naturalyte insect control provides fast, effective and consistent control of foliage-feeding insects in a variety of crops.

Closer® SC


See how Closer® SC insecticide provides an excellent combination of speed and residual efficacy on sap-feeding insects across many crop segments.

Delegate® WG


Learn how Delegate® WG insecticide provides fast, lasting control of your most problematic insect pests, while minimizing the impact to beneficial insects.

DuPont™ Lannate® SP


Learn more about Lannate SP insecticide and how it provides reliable control of key pests in a wide range of fruit, vegetable and field crops.

Entrust® SC Naturalyte® Insect Control


Learn more about Entrust® SC Naturalyte® insect control and how it provides the performance organic growers have come to trust in a liquid formulation.

Intrepid 2F®


Learn how Intrepid 2F® insecticide effectively controls many species of lepidopterous insects, without disrupting beneficial insects, mites and pollinators.

Intrepid Edge®


Learn how Intrepid Edge® insecticide provides fast and lasting control of your toughest insect pests in a broad range of crops, while minimizing the impact to beneficial insects.

Lannate® LV


See how Lannate LV insecticide goes to work quickly, stopping more than 140 damaging insect pests almost immediately to protect yield and quality.

Radiant® SC


Learn more about how Radiant® SC insecticide delivers broad-spectrum control of tough insects and offers a valuable partner in a resistance management program.



With 2 modes of action, Ridgeback™ insecticide gives farmers long-lasting control over a broad range of difficult pests.

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